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HEOS has presented special awards to students doing optics and photonics related projects for over a decade.  Through generous support from SPIE, OSA, and NASA, HEOS has been able to consistantly award over $1000 in cash prizes at both the North Alabama Science and Engineering Fair (NARSEF) and the Alabama Sceince and Engineering Fair (ASEF) annually.  It is a great way to to meet exceptionaly bright students and show our commitment and encouragement to these young people to pursue a career in optics and photonics or other STEM related fields. Through these awards, we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.  

HEOS was able to award over $900 in scholarships at the 2018 North Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NARSEF) and over $800 in scholarships at the 2018 Alabama Science and Engineering Fair (ASEF) for Special Awards in optics and photonics related projects. The award funding was generously provided by SPIE, NASA, and HEOS.

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