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HEOS is untaking a number of innovative projects to better serve our members and communtiy.  If you would like to learn more about any of these efforts, please contact HEOS.


HEOS is pursuing funding with the National Science Foundation to develop K-12 problem-based learning (PBL) activities explicitly tied to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) but also intrinsically linked to businesses and industries developing essential technologies for our nation related to optics and photonics.  The proposal is being submitted to the Strategies component of the Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) program.  



HEOS has constructed it's own laser light show projector for celebrating the International Year of Light 2015.  The laser light projector is capable of 256 colors, 30,000 points per second, and custom programming for dramatic indoor or outdoor laser light shows.


Let us put on a show for you or have a custom display made for your event.  Don't just say it, say it with Lasers!



HEOS is exploring the idea of a Public Innovation Laboratory (PI Lab) that embraces the joy of science and engineering through authentic and passionate engagement from a community of intrinsically motivated life-long learners, inventors, and entrepreneurs enabled by advanced manufacturing and hi-tech facilities. 


Efforts are underway to development of a roadmap for institutional and physical structures that will support the formation of this type of innovative community and human capital resource.


I used the lasers and convex lens with the screen and the students really responded.  I also had them predict what would happen with the concave lens and they were right.  By sliding the screen forward and backwards around the focal point of the lasers, they were able to see where the beams crossed and I added that into their science terminology.  Thanks!

Aaron, 5th Grade Teacher using Hands-On Optics

“The kit was great. It really drove home convex lenses and light.  My kids that couldn’t grasp the concepts involved with converging and diverging light really started to get it.  I was also able to do mini lessons with some of the other classes at our school.  One teacher commented that her kids made connections because of the lesson.”

Annette, 5th Grade Teacher  using Hands-On Optics

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