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HEOS is an Alabama Nonprofit Organization 501(c)(3) established in 2013. 
It is the aim and purpose of this society to stimulate and facilitate the knowledge of optics and photonics, to promote the mutual interests of its members, and to encourage the discussions of science and engineering among its members and the public. Membership is open to individuals and organizations practicing or interested in optics, photonics, science, or the education thereof. HEOS is an industry driven organization organized for the purpose of promoting the development of the science and application of light, “Photonics.” 
A Brief History of HEOS  
   1969 .... Established as the eighteenth Local Section of Optical Society of America (OSA)

   1978 .... Became Regional Chapter of SPIE, the international society for photonics

   Continuously active for over 44 years

   2013 .... Reorganizes into a nonprofit 501(c)3
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Member Activities

  • Networking and collaboration
  • Technical and professional seminars
  • Professional development
  • Industry Association
  • Business roundtable
  • Political action to advocate for Optics and Photonics

Education Outreach

  • Regional and State Science Fair awards (> $1,000 annually)

  • College and graduate student scholarships

  • Apprenticeship and Intern programs

  • Teacher training (50+ participants)

  • Design and build Hands-On Optics modules in collaboration with AMSTI

Conferences and Services

  • Symposia of specific interest to local members

  • NASA Mirror Technology Days

  • Guest speaker series

  • Laser and light projection shows

Grant Opportunities

  • Hands-On Optics educational kits

  • Solar and celestial telescope park

  • Challenge Grants to students

  • Summer Camp program

  • Hacker shop or hacker space

Hemang Jani
Experimental Optics Researcher with 5+ years of lab experience on cutting-edge optical systems. Expert in complex optical alignment, Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser, Free Space Optics, Laser Physics, Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy, light-matter interaction, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Semiconductor Fabrication and Data analysis. I am an enthusiastic self-starter who is always looking for opportunities in Optics and Photonics Industry. I have the drive to convert research concepts into market-based products for betterment of all the stake holders.
President-Elect (VP)


Kira Patty
Secretary / Treasurer

Dr. Patty has over 22 years of combined industry and academic experience in optics/physics, systems engineering, and developing technical analysis products for expert and non-expert audiences. She has worked with a variety of VIS-IR optical systems and has over 5 years of specialized experience with colloidal quantum dots. Recent work includes optics/photonics modeling/simulation of systems and phenomenology, technology and advanced concept assessments, testing and calibration of sensors, and fundamental research in high energy lasers.
In her personal time, Dr. Patty is a member of the Huntsville Electro-Optical Society (HEOS) non-profit and volunteers to support local STEM events.

Tommy Cantey
Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board

Dr. Thomas M. Cantey is a research scientist at Optical Sciences Corporation where he conducts and oversees research and development efforts in infrared laser systems and infrared optical systems.  


Dr. Cantey, throughout his professional career, has devoted part of his time to educational outreach and has been instrumental in helping to establish multiple outreach efforts and opportunities in North Alabama for optics and photonics.  Dr. Cantey is also a member of SPIE's Education Committee.


“We're a small nonprofit making a big impact through professional develoment and educational outreach in optics and photonics.  Our community is only as strong as our members, so please join HEOS today.  JOIN NOW! 

Tommy Cantey, HEOS CEO

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