HEOS offers scholarships for invited students to participate in an 8-9 week summer program in science and engineering, the Optics and Photonics Apprenticeship Program (OPAP). The purpose of this scholarship program is to invigorate and accelerate young students in pursuit and development of a career in science or engineering through an apprenticeship program concentrating in optics or photonics related fields. The students apprentice with a local Huntsville private company, university, or government agency in a real laboratory environment and are assigned a mentor. At the conclusion of the apprenticeship program, the students create and deliver presentations to their peers and mentors, where they will be developing public speaking, technical presentation, and communication skills.  The experiences of the students and mentors in the OPAP will be used to improve the program and increase the impact and effectiveness in promoting interest and careers in science and engineering.

OPAP Goals:

  1. Provide opportunities for talented students to work in a real-world laboratory environment.
  2. Develop professional experience and laboratory practices and methods.
  3. Introduce optical science and engineering as a possible career path.
  4. Establish early employment opportunities for inspiring young students.
  5. Encourage schools and universities to create a well educated work force.

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