To stimulate and to facilitate the knowledge and innovation of optics and photonics, promote the mutual interests of its members, and to encourage free discussions of science and engineering among its members and the public.



HEOS has a number of projects ongoing or in conception such as designing and building Hands-On Optics educational kits, NASA Mirror Techoology Days conference, public innovation labs, and a solar and celestial telescope park.



We undertake a number of public educational outreach activities including scholarships for state and regional science and engieering fairs, apprenticeship and internship program, and development of educational materials. We are a community resource for optics and photonics. 


Monday, March 2 - Guest Speaker Series 

Featuring Hemang Jani, Ph.D candidate for Optical Science and Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Title of talk: Ultrafast Time-Frequency Spectroscopy Based on Few-Cycle Pump-Probe

Transient Reflectometry

Time: 11:30 am social and free pizza lunch, talk at 12:00 (Please RSVP to HEOSadmin@gmail.com)

Where: UAH Optics Building, room 234



Over the last decade, the advances in novel materials such as two-dimensional (2D) materials, metamaterials, plasmonics, and negative-electron-affinity (NEA) structures has triggered a rapid growth in the development of ultrafast optoelectronic devices. This calls for simple yet effective ...

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